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John Evans Career Coach

My Story

Hello, I’m John and I’m passionate about helping people like you achieve your potential. Whether you want to find a new career opportunity, perfect your performance at job interviews or become a better communicator and speak with more confidence ... I can help!

I’ve worked in a business environment for many years and the experience I’ve gained as a leader, trainer and facilitator has proved invaluable in my work as a speech power, career and interview coach. I genuinely love what I do, making a different to people’s lives.

If you feel in need of a new career adventure or perhaps you want to step up to the next level, then get in touch ... I’d love to work with you!

What I Do

I have worked with a variety of people from newly graduated students to executive level professionals and all have shared similar aims: to gain clarity and direction in terms of their career path, to excel at interview performance and to improve the power of their speech. Through my coaching and workshops I make a difference to their careers and lives!

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