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Career Coaching is of particular relevance when facing a period of change. Did you know that over 85% of people want a career that gives purpose to their lives and over 60% of people are unhappy in their chosen career!

Do you want to be clear on:

  • What kind of work suits you and what you are passionate about?
  • Your values and what is really important to you?
  • Your occupational interests and how they can influence your future career options?
  • Your skills and strengths and how to identify them?

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What does a Career Coach do?

The role of a Career Coach is no different to that of a Sports Coach or any other coach. All coaches are committed to helping people discover their true values and to working with them and assisting them identify their personal strengths, accomplishments and goals. Coaches assess where you are at the present time and encourage and challenge you to become a better you.

Through a process of assessment, a career coach can give you a different perspective on who you are so that you have a better understanding of why your current job or career isn’t right for you.

Perhaps the most important reason to use the services of a Career Coach is to uncover what you may not know you have and to realise your full potential!

How you align yourself to future employment opportunities is critical to your personal job satisfaction and to your success. When you have job satisfaction and use the skills you love to use, you become successful and make a real difference to the role and organisation.

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, then every road will get you nowhere’ — Henry Kissinger

Looking for a satisfying career?

Most of our new clients believe that they won’t be able to find a different job in a new sector or industry and have this inner belief that they have to look for a similar role in the same sector or industry. Just because they have acquired a certain skill set doesn’t mean that this is where the focus should be!

What most of us want is a great job, a satisfying career and to be successful and happy in our chosen path.

A recent survey we conducted with our clients revealed that they were also looking for:

  • a financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying role
  • a job that gives some focus and a feeling of being motivated
  • the chance to make a difference
  • challenges and mental stimulation
  • recognition for their endeavours
  • a balance between work and social life

We will help you establish realistic goals, assist with discovering solutions to challenges you may be up against, encourage the development of action plans and the building of self-confidence. In fact, you will be encouraged to take control of your own career and we’ll ensure that you will have developed an appropriate Marketing Strategy for your chosen career path.


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Your Personal Branding

Once a career path is discovered, there is a need to establish a ‘Personal Brand’. You see, organisations have become increasingly aware that they should be recruiting specialists, not generalists, to fulfil their needs; it is really important that individuals also recognise that specialists, not generalists, are held in higher regard and receive better rewards for their efforts.

Your ‘Personal Brand’ is about presenting yourself as a high quality, high value asset who will make a difference in the workplace. In order to survive in the future world of work, where little remains constant, you will have to present yourself in this way. You will have to be clear and consistent in your approach and this means understanding who you are, what you do and where you can add value.

An employer doesn’t want to pay you because you possess excellent team working skills or that you’re good at analysing and evaluating. No, these are basic skills that you bring to the job for nothing – you won’t be paid for them! You are paid for the difference you can make with them and that is your real VALUE.

Always remember that employers are looking for people who can make a difference to their organisations. Business owners are in business to generate profits, and in order that they accomplish this they will search for people who can help them in this process.

Key Value-Adding Strengths

By introducing your ‘Key Value-Adding Strengths’ into your marketing you will be demonstrating how you have made a significant difference to your previous organisations and substantiating this with actual examples of what you did and how they added real VALUE:

  • International Relationship Management
  • Corporate Compliance and Strategic Management
  • Transforming IT Service Delivery
  • Improving Production Capacity and Quality
  • Reducing Operational Costs
Ben Lawrenson

“John is a fantastic coach. I have never met anyone with as much dedication to his clients. If you are prepared to work hard, then John will match that with his support. John helped me to understand my values and key value adding-strengths. The work I’ve done with him will serve me well throughout my career. If you decide to work with him, it will be an excellent investment. I would say it is the best project I have ever worked on. Thank you for everything, John”

Ben Lawrenson, UK Retail Training Specialist, Amplifon

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Career Coaching

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