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Interview Coaching

John has helped to both support and coach me when preparing for interviews. I now understand how to overcome fear/nerves in interviews from attending the 'Overcome your fear' workshop. The techniques I gained from this I will have with me through all walks of life.

He has a passion for helping people and seeing them succeed. Invest in yourself - it was the best decision I ever made. I can't thank John enough for all of his help.

Hollie Custy , Supply Content Editor, THG Ingenuity

I got in touch with John for assistance and coaching with preparing for a senior level interview - to help refine both my technique and performance. I found his approach to be the right mix of hands-on and theory. He also genuinely has a passion for this and it was a real pleasure dealing with him. Thanks very much John and I appreciate the additional ad-hoc calls outside of class to check in on how my preparation was going.

Matthew Worman , Regional Manager, Avanti West Coast

I worked with John to gain an insight into the mistakes I was making whilst interviewing for roles after being made redundant. John gave me some very good tuition which has helped my confidence immensely. I would highly recommend John as someone who can help you better your skills at interview techniques.

James Fox, Commercial Manager.

John is a highly knowledgeable and experienced consultant. He has worked with me over the summer of 2015 to get me fit for purpose so I could tackle the job market head on and ultimately get a senior position following redundancy. John has a direct approach, lots of drive and a real passion to help and develop people. I have no doubt that the work John carried out with me was invaluable and as a result my first application landed me a fantastic job! Thank you, John.

Sharon Williams, Service Improvement - Housing, Health & Social Care.

A disaster involving Britain’s oldest holiday company folding overnight left hundreds of their airline pilots scrambling for the best UK industry jobs opening up in the void. My 35 years of aviation helped me identify where I wanted to go but HOW was I going to get there? John was the key. With his guidance and advice, a solid vehicle of technique, skills, and knowledge was built to convey me through a competency-based selection procedure leading to a job offer with the market leader.

Capt. Chas Martin, Airline Pilot

As a senior Captain with 25 years experience flying A330 aircraft for Thomas Cook Airlines it was a shock to suddenly find myself on the job market as a result of the company’s collapse. I had never encountered a competency based interview nor had one of any kind for a quarter of a century!

John was able to fill this gap with a blend of patient coaching and tough grilling. Because of his training I was able to perform well at interview and as a result, start with my new employer in ten days time. Great result! Thank you John.

Capt. Richard Mann, Senior Airline Pilot

Wow! What a fantastic experience and immense pleasure to meet with John, real five star service! I’ve always found the interview process very challenging. I met with John on two occasions. He helped me greatly in preparing for an interview which included a presentation.

He taught me all the interview skills I needed to present well, and to answer all relevant behavioural and competency based questions. I couldn’t have been so successful in the entire interview process without his support, skill and professional expertise. I have already recommended him to friends and friends of friends. Thanks again John for all your support. Truly beneficial.

Dave O’Toole, Investigations Operations Manager

John helped me gain more confidence in answering general and behavioural interview questions and helped me get the job I wanted! I would highly recommend John to anyone for help with interviews and above all else - he really does care about his clients, which is hard to come by these days.

James Lloyd, Mechanical Engineer

I have had a number of interviews but had been unable to secure a position. It was then that I discovered John’s web site and decided to take up coaching sessions with him... and I never looked back.

I worked with him over a couple of months and the guidance and advice he gave has been invaluable. He has helped so much with interview questions, how to prepare and answer them and how to ‘sell’ myself....even voice projection! This resulted in a successful interview and a job offer within the field I wanted.

If you are willing to put in the work and be challenged I would definitely recommend John’s services... in my opinion second to none! Thank you John

Joanne, NHS Project Manager

Well, what can I say? Working with John has been the best investment I have made in myself for a very long time. He worked hard with me to dig deep and put what I have to offer into words in a way I would never have been able to do alone. His tried and tested structures and bespoke approach meant that I secured the very first job I was interviewed for in a sideways move into a new sector. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without him. You need to put the work in but John is there every step of the way and will keep you moving onwards and upwards. Thank you John - you will definitely be my ‘go to’ person here in north Wales for my future steps. You are a star. Thanks again.

Gill German, Teacher

Career Coaching

I would highly recommend JE Career Consulting to anyone embarking on a new career path. John's expert knowledge, help and guidance is second to none.

Elaine Bond , Complaint Lead, NHS Governance Team

I contacted John for help with a career change and he was excellent! His much-valued help meant that within a very short time-frame, I felt confirmed in my sense of direction, had a successful interview and was offered the job. He helped me in several areas from in-depth personality type and compatibility with the careers I was looking at, to interview technique, confidence-building and practical help in preparing a presentation. I really couldn't have done it without him. Thank you John.

Cathy Cowie, Development Officer, Charity Org

Following my decision to take voluntary redundancy, I was keen to pursue new opportunities outside of the niche industry within which I had worked for more than 13 years. Having received minimal responses to initial job applications, I decided I needed to seek some guidance on how to go about exploring my next career move. After reaching out to John, I knew from his enthusiastic and professional nature that he was the person to help me.

We spent time working through my values, skills and key value adding strengths, enabling me to update my CV to a much higher standard. The positive feedback which I received from a multitude of employers and recruiters thereafter clarified how invaluable these improvements were. As a result, I successfully secured interviews with companies which aligned with my own values and aspirations. I’m so pleased, after just a short period of networking and applying for roles, to have started a new position last week with a renowned UK brand which is experiencing continued growth. I am very excited for this next chapter in my career!

John goes above and beyond to motivate and support his clients, and I am truly grateful for the advice and encouragement which he gave me during a turning point in my career. I strongly recommend John to anyone who is invested in developing their career, and looking for honest, professional guidance along the way. Be ready to invest your trust, time and energy into the process and it will pay off.

Rachel Thomas, Procurement Specialist

John is a fantastic coach, I have never met anyone with as much dedication to his clients. If you are prepared to work hard then John will match that with his support. John helped me to understand my key skills and strengths. The work I have done with John will serve me well throughout the rest of my career. If you decide to work with him, it will be an excellent investment; I would say it is the best project I have ever worked on. Thank you for everything John.

Ben Lawrenson, UK Retail Training Specialist (Audiology)

Working with John was a pleasure. I am in my early 30s and decided to change career. He not only boosted my confidence in what I have to offer but taught me skills that I will use in my job search and my life too.

Liezl Bruwer, Digital Marketing Manager

An excellent Career Coach

Terry Pickford, Pickford HR Consultancy

John's career coaching has been invaluable in helping me prepare for the job market following notice of redundancy. I thought I had prepared a relatively okay CV by following some online tips and advice. However, it was only after meeting with John and listening to his understanding of what employers are looking for did I then realise how abject my CV effort was! I now have a CV 'fit for purpose' and I've also received some great job interview coaching from John. Due to John's personality and enthusiasm the coaching sessions were never dull and I now feel much more confident about my future job prospects.

Dennis Riley, Admin Manager

John is definitely the best career coach I have ever met and I would not hesitate in recommending him! It is not just the valuable advice he provides but the professional and personalised service he offers.

It’s not worth spending more time writing a CV on your own. With John’s help you will discover your strenghts and achievements which will make you stand out from the other candidates and shine during the interview process.

Iliana Salazar, Director of Relationship Management & Compliance

John is an expert in his attitude towards business with a calm, considered approach to his work and support of others.

Edward Edgington, Project/Performance/Change Management, Airbus UK, Broughton

When I failed to be re-elected to the National Assembly I faced having to prepare for my first job applications in over 30 years. John's advice and guidance proved invaluable to myself - from practical tips on the best approaches to consider down to the choices for CV layout.

Aled Roberts, Welsh Assembly Member, Wrexham.

John provided me with essential career transition support through a number of group workshops and one to one sessions, which meant I really grasped the opportunities ahead of me and continued living the dream. John is inspirational, creative and the ultimate in motivational support, understanding the individual and assisting to find a positive way forward in quite often difficult circumstances. John helped me turn redundancy into sustainable success and happiness for the future.

Liz Parry, M & S Money, Chester.

A number of years ago I had a vision of providing consultancy support to small and medium sized companies which couldn't afford the fees of the larger consultancy corporations, but I didn't have a clear view of how I was going to achieve this vision.

John's coaching actually gave me clarity in a number of ways: Firstly, his sheer enthusiasm and his ability to develop effective relationships. Secondly, the simple skills and techniques he used to allow me to evaluate all my options and create a successful business model and last, but not least, he allowed me to reflect on my own plans and style to really improve my relationships with clients.

Ray Roberts, Performance Matters.

John provided first class support that was a perfect match for my career transition needs. His integrity, expertise, humour and buoyant sense of positivity was a breath of fresh air. As a fluent Welsh speaker he was able to help me draft my CV in two languages – a must in this rural part of Wales. Every employer I approached commented on how different and exceptional my CV was. This raised my confidence level and spurred me on to finding a great job in my locality.

If you are thinking about the right next career move I would highly recommend using Johns services. Thanks very much, John.

Bernadette Beddall, Engineering Administrator, MOD Centre, Llanbedr, North Wales.

I recently attended a Career Transition workshop followed by a few one to one sessions. They were run by John Evans and I must say they have helped me move forward in my life. John challenged some of my attitudes and beliefs and helped me become focussed on my next career path and he also instilled in me how important it is to research, plan and commit in order to succeed in the world of work.

Mark Challoner, Photographer, Airbus UK, Broughton.

Speech Power Workshops and Consulting

“During a 2 day Speech Power workshop with John, I learned the importance of breathing and voice modulation when speaking as well as a variety of techniques to help me control nerves. John brings so much passion and energy to his workshops and really makes each individual feel at ease! He’s a pleasure to be around.

John helped me identify effective changes which I could make in order to make a great first impression and exude more confidence when speaking and presenting. I’m so pleased I invested in the workshop and I will definitely practise and use the techniques John has taught me throughout my career!”

Rachel Procurement Specialist
Oakridge | Acheiving more together

John has extensive experience in consulting, working with groups, individuals and organisations to achieve their goals. He has his own unique style which achieves high results of success for those he works with. When facilitating workshops, John brings the content to life, providing humour together with an array of relevant examples to maximise the learning potential for each delegate.”

Brigit Egan MD Oakridge Training & Consultancy
Synthesis Personal Development Consultants

“John is professional, fun and has extensive knowledge in the area of voice coaching, career management, change management and leadership development. An excellent facilitator and a first class communicator with the ability to quickly assess and understand customer needs and adapt his style of delivery accordingly.”

Beverley Woodhouse Director, Synthesis Personal Development Consultants

“I found the practical work on breathing very useful and will certainly be putting into practise the techniques I learned to overcome my fears.”

John Commercial Manager
DLM Consulting

“I am delighted to write a recommendation for John Evans. I have frequently engaged John over the past few years to provide speech and outplacement coaching to both my private and public sector clients. He has always delivered expert advice. He has a charismatic style, is hugely personable and very approachable. He has delivered high calibre support at all employee level. I would recommend him highly.”

Donna Merrick MD, DLM Consulting
Connect Latin America

“John is the kind of person you instantly like from the moment that you meet him. He has always proved to be an invaluable source of advice on my business queries. His dedication to me at all times has helped me achieve my goals and his voice coaching made a difference in regular meetings with clients. I would not hesitate in recommending him as an extraordinary business coach.”

Iliana Salazar MD Connect Latin America

“I enrolled on this two day workshop so that I could improve my presentation skills. I have to deliver many business innovation/development presentations to senior management and had received feedback that that my voice sounded rather monotonous! The workshop was very useful and I learnt ways to improve the quality and tone of my voice using modulation and projection.”

Kate Project Manager
PW Financial Management

“The feedback I received from my staff who attended the workshop was excellent and the benefits to my organisation were rewarding. Clients commented on more engaging telephone and video calls and on how product information was relayed in clearer and more concise ways. The coach also had some direct post-workshop contact with the staff. This was very much beyond the call of duty and certainly illustrates his commitment and passion in helping people.”

Peter Waterfield Director at P W Financial Management Ltd

“Very useful day spent with an exhilarating workshop facilitator. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious. I learned some very useful techniques to combat nerves and particularly liked the ‘Confidence Switch’ technique.”

Brenda Administrator

“The trainer has a direct approach, lots of drive and a real passion to help and develop people. I got a lot out of the work we did on modulation and projection and shall certainly be using these techniques. Thanks for a memorable couple of days, John”

Liz Call Centre Manager

“I don’t know where John gets his energy from; he was so inspirational and the work we did on how to lower the voice and put passion, pace and power into our delivery style was incredible. Thanks very much.”

Amanda Client Engagement Manager

“Great workshop. I really learned a lot and noticed how it has made a difference to the way I speak! Thank you.”

Jim Retail Supervisor


Bangor University

We’ve worked with John for many years. He was recommended to us by clients because of the excellent feedback he had received. I remember the first time he ran a session for us; I sat at the back and watched the students’ reaction to him. They were spell-bound by his enthusiastic and charismatic style. He really connected with the graduates and he helped them discover their strengths and achievements and he really played a great part in developing their confidence.

He has facilitated sessions for the University on various Career Management Employability topics, including: Alignment, CV Development, Interview Skills and Techniques, Self-Presentation Skills Training, Commercial Awareness and on The role of Confidence in Achieving Success.

He is very used to facilitating diverse groups of people from different ages and backgrounds and cultures. Many of our students and graduates are ‘international’ and his style of facilitation is diplomatic and adaptable.

He’s made an impact on the students’ lives, not just in terms of developing enterprise and employability skills but he also made them think more about their work-life balance. Indeed, several students have come back to me over the years to say that he helped them achieve their goals.

Lowri Owen, Enterprise Champion

John has provided a range of consultancy services which were tailored to identify business needs. The provision was always well structured and delivered professionally and to a consistently high standard. Evaluation and feedback drawn from the process reinforced the fact that his contribution had served to inspire people to achieve both their personal and professional aspirations.

I have always been impressed with John’s fresh and yet highly practical approach to providing affordable business tailored solutions. The services he provided encompassed a range of business issues including enhancing performance, process efficiency, operational improvements and profitability whilst energising and motivating employees who were often engaged in a change process.

Edward Evans, Staff Development Officer, H.R. Department

Peboc Division, Eastman Chemical Company

John provided excellent support for our employees throughout the four month period leading up to our site closure. His experience and inter-personal skills helped our employees recognise and demonstrate their value to future employers and contributed to the success of our outplacement programme and as a result 70% were resettled.

From both management and employee perspectives, John was very easy to work with. His approach was open and supportive, yet stimulating and challenging when the situation warranted it. He began by leading workshops for groups of employees, discussing the broader issues relating to redundancy, change and approaches to the labour market. He then followed up with several scheduled one-on-one sessions.

During each of many visits to site, John set time aside for 'clinics' where staff could drop-in to review draft CV's and application letters and where John would coach and mentor staff prior to approaches to employers. This was very much appreciated by the employees and helped build their confidence. For many of our operational staff, Welsh was their first language and they felt more comfortable discussing their issues through the medium of Welsh.

At the end of each visit to site John would hold a short debrief session with myself or the HR manager to summarise issues, highlight any concerns and plan the next steps. I'm pleased to say that the Outplacement service was a complete success.

Peter Roberts, Managing Director

Magnox North

I have known Mr John Evans for over ten years having first met him during a particularly difficult period of downsizing our staffing numbers at Trawsfynydd Power Station.

During that time we were tasked to reducing our manning level from 270 staff down to 145 in just over six months. Many of the staff were somewhat fixed in their ways and it was imperative that the Outplacement Service was handled compassionately and professionally. From that point of view we could not have asked for anyone better than John who very quickly engaged with all our people and made them feel totally at ease. The fact that he was bilingual was also very advantageous.

Over and above the outplacement service required, John set up taster work placements for the staff with local employers. These were successful in that they helped the employers see that previous skills acquired in past jobs were still in place. For example a HGV driver who had not worked as a driver in many years was able to demonstrate that this skill was still alive.

He also ensured that staff Health & Safety aspects and insurance issues were dealt with before they went out on placement and was involved with the media and spoke on Radio Wales re the imminent redundancies and talked about the skills-set of the workforce. He organising a “Jobs Fair” which attracted many local employers and he regularly liaised with all the local training providers.

Finally, I hope the above helps to give a clear insight in terms of John’s ability and commitment and I have no doubt, based on what he did at Trawsfynydd Power Station, he is worthy of very serious consideration.

Over 95% resettlement was achieved!

Raymond Jones, Personnel Officer, Trawsfynydd Site

Right Management

John is an excellent one to one consultant and an exhilarating workshop facilitator. He has energy, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, sharing this with individual clients and groups. John motivates and empathises with his clients giving them the drive and confidence to move forward in their chosen career paths and personal development. He is highly personable, emotionally intelligent and the consummate professional.

Beverley Wood, Client Services Manager

Leadership & Management Specialist

I have known John for a number of years in my professional capacity as a Leadership and Management Specialist, facilitator and coach and have watched him work on many occasions. He is creative in his approach, dedicated, committed and talented.

Pamela Neal

Springs Information Services

I have worked with John in the outplacement industry for over 20 years. As a workshop leader, his ability to empathise with a group and lead them into wanting to find out more through the use of anecdotal evidence and Welsh whit is unparalleled. As a consultant he did not shirk from asking the client the hard question and telling them "how it is", cutting through the morass of politic and double speak to quickly point the right direction. Always came up trumps in feedback questionnaires.

Malcolm Watt, M.D.