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Both your voice and gestures will affect whether people want to listen to you, whether they trust you and whether you can motivate them to take action!

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  • Gain more confidence in public speaking
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  • Improve your non-verbal abilities
  • Overcome your fears and anxieties

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So how will Speech Coaching help you?

Do you find yourself feeling nervous when speaking in public despite spending hours preparing? Could this be because you are fearful of failure or maybe you’re not confident enough, or perhaps it’s a combination of these things or could it be that you’re not happy with the tone of your voice?

How many times have you heard people say, ‘I don’t like the sound of my voice!’ – ‘I wish I could sound clearer and feel and look more confident!’

Perhaps you’ve felt like this and wish that you, too, could improve on how you sound and look and perform with confidence!

Our coaching will help you develop inner confidence and create sounds which connect with your aspirations and goals so that you learn to speak with a melodic tone which will resonate with your listeners.

We have a background in coaching and performance and have helped many professionals achieve a greater feeling of confidence through our simple and effective coaching techniques. We will show you how to develop the power of your voice and to understand how to use body language in your everyday communication. We will also teach you strategies for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Your voice is the most powerful communication tool that you possess and yet many of us are trapped behind a voice that doesn’t begin to show us at our best!

Did you know that you have less than TWO seconds before people decide whether they believe you enough to want to listen to the next TWO seconds!

Most people believe that they were born with their voice, with the sound that comes out of their mouths … you were not born with the voice that you’re using now; you were born with an instrument and you have to learn how to play it so that it creates the right melodies. Our coaching will enable you to release the voice that is your true personality!

How you communicate with your body and voice will have a significant effect on how your customers, clients and potential employers react to you … and this can be the difference between success and failure … First Impressions Count!

The voice builds trust and confidence – it sets you apart.


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In the 1960’s Dr Albert Mehrabian, an eminent behavioural psychologist, studied the impact of communication and concluded that human communication can be broken down into THREE distinctive areas: body language, tone of voice and spoken words – and most people are surprised to find that what is said carries less significance than the way it is said and how the body interprets the words.

Are you ready to become a better communicator and speak with confidence, clarity and credibility?


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Does the ‘new normal’ world of work mean that we communicate in a different way?

Non-verbal skills are even more important now than they were before this global pandemic. With the Covid-19 crisis forcing most people to reduce face-to-face contact and to work remotely using video links to interact with customers and colleagues, the importance of using facial expressions and voice tonality has dramatically increased. We believe that anyone who develops strong non-verbal communication skills in today’s ‘new normal’ world is going to benefit significantly in the future.

Non-verbal communication can help gain trust, confidence and respect much quicker than words alone can … non-verbal communication ‘talks’ all the time!

But what does all this mean for telephone communication?

Recent research suggests that we can detect whether someone is frowning, slouching or smiling, even if there is no visual contact between two people. This is because posture affects the tone of the voice, therefore the ‘Circle of Communication’ for non-visual communication alters to tone of voice (how we say it), approximately 75% and the words we use (what we say), approximately 25%.

Understanding the importance of the tone of your voice during your phone call is the first step to a successful conversation. The second step to bear in mind is that there is no visual contact on the phone and your body language can’t actually be seen, but that doesn’t mean that you should not be using body and facial gestures ……. By using appropriate gestures, your body language will be absorbed into the tone of your voice because each gesture will affect the sound as it comes out of your mouth!

Speak in colour! … not black and white

Our TWO day workshops accommodate a maximum of SIX people and will be facilitated by either one or two coaches – both have a drama background and will help you develop a stronger and more confident presence - so you will receive plenty of personal coaching. The workshops are highly interactive and supportive and take place in Cheadle, Manchester.

Light refreshments are included

Delegates will be offered a FREE follow-up discussion by telephone/video link

One-to-one on-line Speech Power coaching is also available

It’s not just ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’ you say it!


Workshop Details & How to Register

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