Outplacement Support

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Outplacement services provide redundancy support, enabling individuals to move into new roles as quickly as possible.

The support also allows organisations to focus their energies on their businesses, freeing up line management and H.R. time, whilst employees are supported in their quest for new opportunities.

We provide a range of bespoke outplacement programmes including:

  • Drop-in clinics.
  • Career Coaching sessions.
  • Group workshops on Alignment and Self-Marketing Techniques, Self-Employment and Retirement.

The Self-Marketing programme consists of various workshops comprising:

  • Career Assessment
  • CV Development
  • Approaching the Market
  • Interview Skills and Techniques

Career Transition

Organisations recognise that Career Transition Coaching is an important tool in supporting employees; it is a period during which:

  • An individual is changing roles or changing orientation to a role already held.
  • A new employee is adapting to his or her new environment/workplace culture and getting to grips with specific job duties, processes or responsibilities.
  • An individual is leaving the organisation due to retirement.​

Specialist Career Transition Coaching assists employees with these changes and can provide a host of other benefits for organisations:

  • Encourages employee retention and saves money on continual staff recruitment and training of replaced staff.
  • Can help improve staff performance levels.
  • Helps to encourage company loyalty.
  • Employees can feel a greater sense of connection and commitment to the business.
  • Enables employees to feel comfortable with management.
  • Encourages open communication resulting in a positive work experience.
  • Helps new employees to better adapt to the environment and culture of the workplace.

Happy and contented people make for a more innovative and results-focussed work force, which in turn, provides greater productivity.

Communication Skills Training

These sessions are designed to improve employee Customer Relations, Sales Performance, Presentation Delivery and Telephone Techniques:

  • The Power of Non-Verbal and Visual Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  • Breathing for Speech
  • Unleashing the Power of the Voice – Pace, Pitch, Power and Pause.

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