Voice Power

Aligning people & organisations with success

First Impressions Count

How we communicate with our voice and body will have a significant effect on how our customers and clients react to us; this can be the difference between success and failure.

It’s not just ‘what you say’, but ‘how you say it’.

These specialist topics are aimed at individuals and organisations and can be run as workshops or as one-to-one coaching sessions. They are suitable for those who want to unleash the power of their voice and significantly add value to their verbal and visual communication powers.

Who will benefit from this coaching?

Individuals who want to:

  • unleash the power of their voice
  • enhance their interview techniques
  • add value to their presentation skills
  • overcome fears and anxieties
  • improve their non-verbal abilities

Organisations who want to:

  • improve employee telephone techniques
  • enhance employee customer relations skills
  • increase staff sales performance
  • ensure employees deliver successful and riveting presentations



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Specialist Communication Topics

The Power of Non-Verbal & Visual Communication

Explores the most powerful areas of communication, non-verbal /visual. The way we act and move send messages about our personality and mood. As Mae West, the American screen legend put it: ‘I speak two languages – body and English.’

Presentation Skills

Only a small number of people find public speaking easy, but everyone can learn not only to endure presenting but to enjoy it. Success depends upon being able to present ideas concisely and clearly with confidence and conviction.

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions; it has a very strong effect on the mind and body. We look at the reasons behind our fears and anxieties and explore solutions to combat physical and emotional symptoms.

Breathing for Speech

Breathing is an anchor, it stops the voice trembling and it gives power, better voice quality and projection. There is a difference between breathing for life and breathing for speech. Breathing properly is an important skill for producing a stronger voice with better projection. This is a practical session where you will:

  • Learn to manage your breathing so that you do not run out of breath.
  • Project your sound to be heard by all, without strain.

Voice Power

The sound of your voice is a powerful communication tool. Learn how to use it! A hands-on workshop using ‘breath power’ to gain ‘voice power’. You will learn how to:

  • Sharpen your diction with crisp clarity and pace.
  • Engage with people with more energy and excitement.

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