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Competency-Based Interviews

Learn how to be successful in competency-based interviews Reserve your place on our one-day workshop

‘How to Succeed in Competency-Based Interviews’

Sometimes called behavioural or structured interviews, competency-based interviews are about understanding how you would behave in certain scenarios. This type of interview will reveal whether you have the skills and characteristics necessary to be successful in the role.

This workshop IS FOR YOU if you:

  • Struggle to get to grips with competency interviews
  • Want to learn about the ‘STARLA' approach – the best tactic which WILL make a difference to your technique
  • Are applying for a job you cannot afford to lose
  • Want to make a difference to the way you engage in interviews

This one-day workshop accommodates a a small number of people, so you will receive plenty of personal coaching from the facilitator.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand how competency interviews differ from the traditional approach
  • Get to know what the interviewer really wants to discover about you
  • Know how to answer the questions and how not to
  • Learn how to identify your own competencies
  • Acquire the techniques required to succeed in competency-based interviews
  • Prepare answers to common competency questions and practice your answers in a mock interview scenario

All our workshops are highly interactive and supportive and take place throughout the year in Manchester and North Wales.

Refreshments and lunch are included.

What our clients say about this workshop

"JE Career Consulting provided me with essential career support through a number of group workshops. The Competency Interview workshop really gave me confidence and the techniques I learned were very useful and helped me succeed in my quest for the right job." - Wendy P (attendee)

"Great workshop delivered in a fun way. Learned a lot about competency interviewing and am sure it will stand me in good stead for future interviews." - John G (attendee)

"A lot of useful information! I feel more ready for my next interview." - Joy S (attendee)

"STARLA was an eye opener. Such a simple technique." - Stewart G (attendee)


JE Career Consulting is passionate about ‘aligning individuals with success’ and is committed to helping you develop the right skills to perform at your best.

Each workshop includes a FREE follow-up discussion by phone or email.

For an informal discussion on the content of the workshop or if you have any questions please call me on 07768 716645 of if you prefer email me on info@jecareerconsulting.co.uk.

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