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How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

Learn how to succeed in interview situations and how to answer the toughest interview questions by attending our one-day workshop

‘How to Answer Tough Interview Questions’

An interview has been described in many ways by many people, but perhaps the definition which has long stayed with me is this one:

‘An interview is a two-way conversation with a purpose; a meeting between a buyer and a seller and a deal is either struck or not.’

Preparation is the key to success and knowing what to say in response to an interviewer’s questions is paramount!

The following words were frequently heard to be used by Henry Kissinger, a retired U.S. diplomat, at the beginning of many of his meetings:

What questions have you got for my answers!

Our one-day workshops are small in number, so you will receive plenty of personal coaching from the facilitator.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand the THREE key areas to the 'purpose' of an interview
  • Have formulated answers to the toughest interview questions

Your facilitator has a background in drama and will help you to develop a stronger and more confident presence.

All our workshops are highly interactive and supportive and take place throughout the year in Manchester & North Wales.

Refreshments and lunch included

What our clients say about this workshop

"Well presented. Has given me more confidence." - MS (attendee)

"Good day. How to answer the tough questions was quite an eye opener. Hope I can perform well in my next interview!." - Garry W (attendee)

"I would recommend this workshop to all who want to be different. I gained much from the session on controlling nerves. Thank you!." - CB (attendee)

"Good stuff for the future. We had lots of fun." - KW (attendee)

"I got a lot out of our session and was always fearful of the question: ‘Tell me about yourself,’ but not any more. The workshop has also shown me how to control my nervousness." - Brenda E (attendee)

"A very good day. I wish I had know about how to answer these question before now. It’s like everything else, once you know, then it’s straight forward!." - Terry P (attendee)


JE Career Consulting is passionate about ‘aligning individuals with success’ and is committed to helping you develop the right skills to perform at your best.

Each workshop includes a FREE follow-up discussion by phone or email.

For an informal discussion on the content of the workshop or if you have any questions please call me on 07768 716645 of if you prefer email me on info@jecareerconsulting.co.uk.

To Book:

Our North Wales Venue

The Management Centre Bangor

How to Answer Tough Interview Questions
18th September 2019

Our Manchester Venue

Sovereign House, Cheadle

How to Answer Tough Interview Questions
4th September 2019