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Speech Power Workshop

Learn how to unleash the power of your voice by attending our two day Speech Power workshop

How you communicate with your voice will have a significant effect on how your customers, clients and prospective employers react to you; this can be the difference between success and failure!

This workshop is a must if you want to:

  • Discover how to use your voice with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction
  • Improve the tonality of your voice
  • Make a difference to the way you engage with people
  • Gain more confidence in public speaking
  • Add value to your presentation skills
  • Improve your non-verbal abilities
  • Overcome your fears and anxieties

Remember: It’s not just ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’ you say it!

Our TWO day workshop accommodates a maximum of 6 people, so you will receive plenty of personal coaching.

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By attending our TWO Day Workshop you will:

  • Discover how to use ‘breath power’ to gain ‘voice power
  • Acquire breathing techniques which will strengthen your voice and give it more power, better quality and greater resonance
  • Learn how to use modulation/dynamics when speaking
  • Understand how to use various voice techniques when speaking publically
  • Be able to formulate a ‘hook’ and deliver it using ‘voice power’ to engage the audience
  • Know how to stop the voice from trembling and learn how to give it more power, better quality and greater projection
  • Learn why we become fearful & how to deal with fears & anxieties
  • Acquire techniques for overcoming fear & anxiety
  • Put together a confidence formula that really works

Our facilitators have a strong background in coaching and performance and will help you to develop a stronger and more confident presence as well as coach you in developing and enhancing your voice power.

All our workshops are highly interactive and supportive and take place in Cheadle, Manchester.

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Light refreshments included

Each workshop includes a FREE follow-up discussion by ‘phone or email.

So, if you really want to be able to ‘unleash the Power of your Voice!’ reserve your place on this workshop today.

For an informal discussion on the content of the workshop or if you have any questions please call me on 07768 716645 of if you prefer, email me on info@jecareerconsulting.co.uk.

Register Your Interest via Email or Call Us

Rachel Thomas

“During a 2 day Speech Power workshop with John, I learned the importance of breathing and voice modulation when speaking as well as a variety of techniques to help me control nerves. John brings so much passion and energy to his workshops and really makes each individual feel at ease! He’s a pleasure to be around.

John helped me identify effective changes which I could make in order to make a great first impression and exude more confidence when speaking and presenting. I’m so pleased I invested in the workshop and I will definitely practise and use the techniques John has taught me throughout my career!”

Rachel Thomas, Procurement Specialist

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